Aleinna’s Show

Friday’s weather was perfect for Aleinna’s show. I wake her up at 6:30 am knowing how many years it will take to finish her breakfast. (hehe!) But still we are late for the 8:30 am call time and all the other kids were already there. Mama Tess teased us, “traffic ba?”. (our house was just one block away from the basketball court where they will perfrom. hehe!)

Besides mommy and little girl’s forever minute of dressing up, here’s another reason why we are late. – PICTURE TAKING!

Rafoux Playshool celebrated “Buwan ng Wika” through a simple program wherein all the kids showed their dance moves. I saw Aleinna’s former classmates in pre-nursery and I realized I haven’t seen them for almost 5 months and now, these kids have grown alot. Meeting also their mommies made me reminisced my “hatid-sundo” days at Rafoux.

Aleinna belonged to Nursery A section and they dance to the tune of “Manila”. Before their performance, she promised me she will not get timid and will flash her pa-cute smile while dancing. Last year’s buwan ng wika (Aleinna was 2 yrs and 10 months old then), she experienced stage fright. For the whole duration of the show, she just stared at the audience and danced only at the chorus part. But now, she gregariously tripped the light fantastic. Watching her dance made me proud and say “Awww! Mana sa Mommy!” (For sure Daddy won’t agree! I admit he is a better dancer). No wonder she was positioned infront {it was just my assumption though 😉 }.
I did not captured a single photo during the dance because I was busy recording it for Leo. He haven’t had the chance to watch the program due to his regular practice.

All the nursery pupils also danced the ever popular kid song of Rafoux Playschool. I bet all mommies of Rafoux kids know this song. But I forgot the title. (Oh Belinda!, not sure). According to Teacher Winnie, it’s not available in the market but exclusively from DepEd.

Aleinna’s partner was her bff Sofia Blanco. Mommy Sharon and I was already planning to enroll them for the 7:30 am class next school year at Rafoux then at St. Paul for Kinder 2. (hehe!)

A good girl, a great dance, a good show. So what does my little girl deserves? A treat at Mcdo!

It was a fun day! My leave (w/o regular and holiday pay) was truly worth it. Attending such activities really help our kids gain their self-confidence. It was a good way how we parents can show our love and support and make them feel how proud we are to them.

By the way, my entry was entitled Aleinna’s Show bec. every performance, she calls it “MY SHOW!”.

There! That’s it for now.

Have a Happy Day!

Enjoy your weekend and holiday! 🙂